External Members: Computers & WiFi

Computers & Wifi

The Library provides computers for study and research purposes on Borrowing External Membership only. You can book a PC at the self service computer near the Library Information Desk.  Each PC is connected to the network printer/photocopier. You can book for two hours per session.

Please note that during busy periods PC access may not be available.

Eduroam Wi-Fi is also available in the Library. ‌To use this facility you need to download/install the eduroam installer for your particular computer/mobile device. The easiest way to configure your device is to connect to this site https://cat.eduroam.org/ . This will automatically detect the installer for your device. When you have installed Eduroam, you must use your AIT studentnumber@student.ait.ie and password.‌(e.g. A00123456@student.ait.ie). If you are experiencing any difficulties IT difficulties with AIT IT equipment, please log a help request .