Dedicated subject librarians provide in-depth knowledge and support for students, staff and researchers’ subject specific information needs.

Each of the Institute’s schools has a designated subject librarian. The role of the subject librarian is to work with their designated School to help identify and meet the information needs of staff, researchers and students.

Business, Social Care/Studies & Tourism
Michael Doheny

+353 90 644 2593

Subject Guides

Engineering and Computing
Assumpta Byrne

+353 90 644 2592

Engineering and Computing Guides

Celine Peignen

+353 90 648 3040 or +353 90 6471 822

Science Guides

What we can do for you

    • Schedule a customized workshop/library tutorial for your class either within your classroom or in the library.
    • Schedule a personal consultation for advice on how to best discover the literature related to your research area (Staff, Researchers & Postgraduates only).
    • Recommend new resources for purchase.

What you can get from us

    • Find guidance on information skills, including using the library catalogue, database searching and evaluating information.
    • Get advice and support on managing your references.