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Open Educational Resources or OERs are freely accessible resources such as textbooks, lecture slides or videos. This benefits teachers and students alike as it means that the resources are accessible anywhere, to anyone, for free.

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Culinary Arts

Chemistry of Cooking.

This textbook, written by Sorangel Rodriguez-Velazquez, covers topics such as: flours, fat, sugar, dairy products, eggs and spices.

BC Campus (Culinary Arts).

This resource provides links to open textbooks on the culinary arts on BC Campus.

Essential Skills Companion Kit for Culinary Arts Trades Training.

Modern Pastry and Plated Dessert Techniques.



An Introduction to Organizational Communication.

Business Communication for Success.

Management Communication.


Little Book of Insurance.

This book produced by Accenture provides a basic overview of insurance in Ireland. This book is free to access in PDF format.

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