Document Supply

If you find that we do not hold the item you require please use our Document Supply Service. This service provides access to materials required for research or study that is not held in AIT Library. Books are generally supplied on loan, while copies of journal articles or book chapters are delivered for you to keep. Before applying for material through Document Supply please check first that we do not have the item available in our catalogue or that we have access to it through a database or journal subscription.

Please be aware that due to the implementation of Covid-19 safe working practices in supplying libraries availability of material for loan may be affected. Delivery times may also take longer’

Applying for a document

Please log into Your Library Record

  • Click on Your Document Supply Requests
  • Create Request
  • Input relevant details
  • Click Create to submit a request

What can be requested?

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Dissertations or theses
  • Conference proceedings
  • Technical reports
  • Standards

Requests will not be accepted for items available in the Library (print or online) including items on loan to other users, available for library use only, or freely available online.

Charges and allocations

Staff and postgraduates should contact library staff regarding their free allocation and charges.  For material which is not covered by a free allocation, the price charged will be reflective of the charge imposed by the supplier.


Journal articles: Earliest retrieval within 48-64 hours, though some articles can take up to a period of 5-7 working days.

Books: The delivery of books can take between 5 and 10 days. Patrons are notified by email when items are available for collection in the library. You will also be contacted by email in the event of any problem or delay in the processing of your request.

Theses: UK Ph.D. theses are generally available for purchase/download from the British Library’s EThOS service, and are not available for document supply. For theses not available through EThOS or for Masters and other types of postgraduate/undergraduate theses/dissertations, a normal application should be made.
Theses from Irish libraries (including Northern Ireland) are usually available only if the relevant University or Institute library holds a copy. Patrons are advised to check the relevant library catalogue before applying. Please note that theses can only be consulted in the library and may not be borrowed for home use.

Lost items/replacement costs

We advise all users to take particular care with items borrowed through the Document Supply service. Loss of such materials can incur substantial replacement costs, imposed by the supplier and which must be paid by the borrower responsible.