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Midlands PAL

A Midlands Regional Library Access Scheme

Pathways to Learning (PAL) is a co-operative venture between libraries in higher education, health, and the public library service in the Midlands region. It provides free access to the collective library resources of the Midlands.
The Midlands PAL Access Card tells the staff at the library you are visiting that you are a genuine learner and that your special requirements for knowledge and information cannot be dealt with by your own library.

Your level of access will be determined by the library you are visiting. At a minimum you will be allowed to consult printed materials. Internet and electronic resources cannot normally be used in academic libraries unless you are a student of that organization, due to license agreements.

Participating Libraries:

Staff and Students of AIT wishing to avail of this scheme should contact the Library Issue Desk or the AIT Midlands PAL Coordinator.
AIT students that wish to visit another Library must know exactly what type of material they wish to consult in that library. This must be discussed with one of the AIT Issue Desk staff or the Midlands PAL coordinator before any visit is arranged. The contact details for other libraries are available under the Participating Libraries links above.
To get a card and apply for access to another library, enquire at the Library Issue Desk.
Members of other participating libraries wishing to gain access to AIT Library should contact their home library for details of this scheme.

Midlands PAL Information Brochure

Midlands PAL Application Form

AIT Library Midlands PAL coordinator:

Michael Doheny

Phone: 098483030