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Library Training

LIST:Library Information Skills Training

The library can provide a myriad of options for training/instruction (LIST) on our comprehensive range of information resources.

We recommend contacting your dedicated Subject Librarian to discuss the option most suited to your needs. A customised library workshop or tutorial is possible for undergraduate students within their own classroom or in the library training room. Academic staff, researchers and Postgraduates can request their own individual research consultation.

The Library's Subject Librarians help develop students' information and research skills to improve their ability to find the variety of resources relevant to their assignments. Skills covered include: identifying information needs and learning how to find, evaluate and effectively use the information across a range of sources and technologies. These skills contribute to their development as Informed and Independent Learners.

To book an Information Session contact your own Subject Librarian directly.

LIFT:Library Information Finding Tutorials

Academic staff, are you frustrated by your students favouring Google and Wikipedia and not using academic sources? Let the library help. Academic staff can request a customised workshop or library tutorial in the classroom by contacting your own dedicated Subject Librarian.

GIFT: Group Information Finding Tutorials

Students can arrange small group workshops/tutorials by contacting their dedicated Subject Librarians. (Minimum of 3 students required.)

One2One: Research Consultations

One to one research consultations (one hour normally) can be booked with your Subject Librarian. This session will show you how to get the most out of the library, what services we offer or demonstrations of specific library resources. (Note: this service is normally only offered to Postgraduates, Academic Staff and Researchers.)

Subject Librarians by School:

School Name Phone Email
School of Business Una O'Connor 090 64 42593
School of Engineering Assumpta Byrne 090 64 42592
School of Science Michael Doheny 090 64 83030/71822/5
Social Care/Studies & Tourism Una O'Connor 090 64 42593