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Library Research Room

The Library Research Room houses 20 PCs (including one wheelchair accessible PC).

You must book a PC at the Issue Desk. You will need your current college ID card in order to book a PC.

Library research room

Terms and conditions apply

  • Research PCs are available hourly on a first-come-first-served basis, you can not book in advance.
  • You can book for a maximum of 2 hours per session followed by a 1 hour extension if required. The remaining one hour allocation can be booked if required following a short break period.
  • One user per PC only.
  • The Research Room PCs are for study purposes only and are not to be used for entertainment purposes.
  • If you are finished on the PC before your booked slot has ended, please checkout at the Issue Desk.
  • Please Note:

  • If you find any faults within the Research Room, please report any such issues to the Library Issue Desk.
  • Please do not leave any personal or valuable items in the room; we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • As with the rest of the library no food or drink is allowed in the Research Room.
  • Please be prepared to leave promptly at the end of your booked slot as others may have booked the next slot.